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Central African women give and give and give

Central African women give and give and give

Widows are the true heroes of orphan care all across Africa.  Even though they themselves are often in desperate need, they seem unable to resist taking in a needy orphan.

PHC is targeting these valiant women with real help in two forms:

1 – Garden plots – PHC has purchased 50 acres of land for these widows so they can cash in on their one marketable skill: farming.  View this fun 1-minute video showing the various enterprises our ladies have undertaken.

Enjoy this brief video about PHC Widow farmers appropriately called Songs of Joy.

Also, view this video, a section of which provides insight into these ladies’ hard work and vital spirit.

2 – Anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs for HIV+ widows.  It costs about $300 to get these women on the drugs and then about $10 per month for the rest of their lives for ARVs.

If you’d like to give to help African widows in these ways, click the ”Give Now” link and choose CAR-Project Hope & Charite Widows under “Projects”.   Other costs for PHC widow project:

  • machetes – $5
  • watering can – $ 10
  • shovel – $10
  • wheel barrow – $ 160
  • seeds / tubers – $50

Thank you for your prayers and giving to help these modern day “heroes.”