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Who We Are

Project Hope & Charité is a team that loves Jesus and considers serving orphans and widows in the Central African Republic as a way of serving Him.

The PHC team straddles both sides of the ocean: Africa and North America.  We present our team here by continent.

Africa-Based PHC Team

Madame Alexandrine Zokoe
Madame Alexandrine is the Director of FEC (PHC’s name in French). Alexandrine is a trained mid-wife and skilled teacher of children.  She resides with her husband in Bangui, her home serving as the hub for much of FEC’s activities.
Madame Marie-Claire Selonkoue
Marie-Claire is God’s gift to PHC.  Her heart for the Lord and for children, her strength of character and integrity combined with a personal strength of personality fit her perfectly to her job of tracking and overseeing funds.
Cesaire Deguene ~ PHC Academic Dean (PK10 Center)
Cesaire is responsible for ensuring that PHC elementary-age children at PHC’s orphan center at PK10 are placed in the correct grade.  He works to ensure that the quality of education in the classroom is excellent.
Nicholas Lindapou ~ PHC Academic Dean (Bercail Center)
Nicholas is responsible for ensuring that PHC elementary-age children at PHC’s orphan center at Bercail are placed in the correct grade.  He works to ensure that the quality of education in the classroom is excellent.
Ginger Hock ~ C.A.R.-Based Director, Hand-in-Hand
Ginger is PHC’s Africa Area Director for the Hand in Hand orphan schools. Though based in the USA, she works closely with her assistant director, Emmanuel, who oversees all activity and staff on the ground in Africa.
Emmanuel Bouyete ~ Hand-in-Hand Assistant Director
Emmanuel works closely with Ginger in directing PHC, contributing valuable insight and experience.

USA-Based Team of Volunteers

Barb Wooler ~ USA-Based Director, PHC/HnH
Barb comes to Bangui 3-4 months each year, where she works with staff on the ground in all areas.  Her responsibility in the USA is to connect with PHC sponsors, partners, donors and other friends to keep relationships vital.
carole Carole Gordon ~ Sponsorship Payments
Carole administrates all matters having to do with the logistics of sponsorship.  She continues to keep the office work going when the rest of the PHC crew is out of state or country.  Carole attends the Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church in Winona Lake, Indiana.
Lola Yoder – Sponsorship Coordinator
After Lola retired from her executive position at a major firm, she was seeking for a new way to serve the Lord.  It is evident that PHC is a great fit for her, and she is a perfect fit for PHC.
Judi Orme Judi Orme ~ Web Master
Judi manages the news side of the PHC website. Judi is married to Pastor Larry Orme of the Penn Valley Grace Church in Telford, Pennsylvania.
brenda Brenda Artrip ~ Communications and Videography
Brenda is PHC’s videographer, photographer, and publication layout and design person.  Brenda has a vibrant love for God and is very active in her local church in Columbus, Ohio.
Becky Becky Dick ~ Christmas Gift Caper Coordinator and Special Projects
Becky’s areas of help are many and varied, from helping with mailings, to travel arrangements for PHC teams, to teacher training seminars for PHC teachers in Africa.  Becky attends the Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church in Winona Lake, Indiana.
Miriam Miriam Pacheco ~ Public Relations
Miriam’s primary job is PHC Public Relations, but is always ready to pitch in to help with mailings or other urgent needs.  She attends the Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church in Winona Lake, Indiana.
Myra Taylor ~ PHC Correspondence
Myra served in the Central African Republic with her family from 1988-1998.  She is responsible for all correspondence generated by sponsors, ensuring that sponsor letters orphans and orphan letters to sponsors find each other, and are in a language that both understand.
Sherry Hammers ~ PHC Translation
Sherry’s mastery of the French language came through her service (with husband Dan) as GBIM missionaries in France in the 60′s and 20+ years as a French teacher at Worthington Christian School in Columbus, Ohio.  She is responsible for all English to French letter translation.
Shannon Moyer ~ USA-Based Hand-in-Hand Coordinator
Shannon fell in love with orphans and Africa when she visited the Central African Republic in February 2010.  Shannon works closely with Ginger Hock and Barb Wooler to coordinate Hand in Hand orphan schools.
Terri Learst ~ PHC Social Networking and Email
Terri maintains and manages PHC’s email database and Facebook postings.  She is a sponsor and will have firsthand experience of Africa when she travels to the Central African Republic in May-June of 2011.
Peggy Wojtowicz – PHC Letter Transcriber
Peggy uses her lightning fast typing skills to assist sponsors in connecting with their orphans. She works closely with Myra and Sherry on the Correspondence team, serving as letter transcriber.  Peggy was on PHC’s first team in 2006 and has been a devoted sponsor and partner ever since.
sylviaFX Sylvia Totzke ~ Fair Trade Development
Sylvia is developing a new area of PHC ministry: small business enterprises for orphans.  Her past involvement and history with Africa missions projects provides a solid base for her present focus for PHC.  She and her husband are church planters in Columbus, Ohio.
Lee Ann Parsons LeeAnn Parsons ~ PHC Travel
Lee Ann helps PHC in many ways including transcribing notes and letters.  A retired librarian, she also has a strong heart for putting quality reading materials in French in the hands of PHC orphans.  She attends Grace Brethren of Columbus.

PHC Board of Directors

The PHC Executive Board is made up of four Central Africans
and four expatriots (North American and German).

The PHC Story

How God Brought Together Our “Dream Team”

In 2004 Barb Wooler (GBIM, C.A.R.) and Alexandrine Zokoe started Project Hope & Charite, recruiting three pastors wives and one other GBIM missionary, Ginger Hock, to the team.  Since then our team has grown to a staff of about 45 in the Central African Republic and a staff of 13 volunteers at the GBIM/PHC headquarters in the U.S.A.

The Growth of PHC Ministry

The pilot orphan group of 55 orphans was officially launched in September of 2004.  Since then, the sponsorship branch has grown to include 1300 orphans (2010-11 school year).

A second branch of orphan ministry was added to help orphans outside of Bangui.  This branch, called Hand-in-Hand orphan schools, was started in 2007 and as of 2012-13 includes 48 local church-based orphan schools where 1700 orphans are educated and fed.

True Team

The PHC team is built on trust and commitment, to the Lord first, and then to each other.  The team in the USA is solely volunteer.  The PHC Director, Barb Wooler, is a GBIM missionary.   The team is strongly relational, with strong accountability built on a foundation of trust, respect and gratitude for each other and the unique contributions each makes.